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Return to Driving

Back on the road

Driving rehabilitation to get you back on the road and back to the freedom of driving. Whether you have been in an accident and have lost your confidence, or you are recovering from injuries, we here at Fit2Drive can help you to get back in the drivers seat and get back to work.

Ideal for these clients

Those recovering from major Injury

Medical referrals

People with Disabilities or Impairments

Professional drivers

If you have been referred by a medical expert, concerned family members or experiencing a higher number of close calls, our therapists canĀ help find the causes and plan your road to recovery. Experiencing a life-changing event or having a disability does not mean you can't return to driving. Come in for an assessment and let us get you n the path to driving freedom.

The Road Map


Driving Scan

Our assessment tools help our team quickly assess your driving ability and possible areas of improvement.

Plan the recovery

Our experienced OTs put together a report and a program to get you back to driving fit

Driving Therapy

We then take on the journey of recovery with you.

Follow up

Return to do a periodic scan to check on improvemnts

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