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Working partners

Fit2drive is used to working with various industry sectors and the public. The team is accustomed to servicing the changing demands

Professional Drivers & Fleet Managers

Referring Doctors

Lawyers & Insurance companies

Recovering from Life event injury


Driver Assessment Services

Driving Scan

A quick driver assessment to give one peace of mind.

Professional Driver Scan

A diligent check up to make sure a driving professional is at the optimum driving fitness

Comprehensive Assessment

A full assessment of all aspects of a drivers capabilities. Ideal for medical and legal matters

Driving Confidence

Get back your peace of mind and driving confidence. A scan to test your driving functions and a drive along to help you identify any gaps in your ability if there are any.

Back on the Road Services

Recovery Planning

Our team puts together a recovery plan tailored to the drivers needs to get them back onto the road

Back to Driving

Get our OTs to work with you on a regular basis to get you back to driving fitness and peace of mind

Major changes

The team of OTs can assist a driver, after a major life event, in learning the new skills necessary to get them driving again

Driving services

The team can help refer you to ways of getting around while you recover your ability to drive.


1Is this service for professional drivers or personal drivers?
Fit2drive is equipped to assist all manner of driving assessments to rehabilitation. The team often sees professional drivers for employee evaluations, retirees to maintain the driving ability and occasionally scholars for parental peace of mind.
2How long is an assessment?
The assessments vary in length but start from under 1 hour for the driver scan then up to 3 hrs for the comprehensive testing with a patient with impairments
3Can I only do the scan?
Yes, you can only do the scan. The option is yours to choose therapy if there is a reason for it.
4Can the reports be used for insurance or medical-legal matters
Yes, the testing has been well researched and conducted by occupational therapists.
5How do I know I need to assess my driving?
If you are looking for peace of mind, book, the test is quick. If you are noticing your reaction time has got slower, you are making silly mistakes or have been in a recent accident it is a good idea to come in for an assessment.
6What disabilities could increase your risk when driving
Brain injury Parkinson’s disease Stroke Mental disorder Cognitive disability Orthopedic Injuries
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Driving is part of the journey

Driving is a very important part of our everyday functioning and independence. In times of recovery, it often serves as a milestone to getting back ourselves, our self-confidence and our ability to activate change. As we get older the ability to drive is not only paramount to our safety it serves as an important connection to our relationships and mental health.

At Fit2Drive the therapists understand this connection and what is needed to keep you driving safely. The team can not only assess your driving ability but also put together a program to correct any areas that need improvement.

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