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Keep Driving

Drive for longer

Keep your driving fitness so that you can enjoy driving for more years

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Over time there are many changes that can affect our confidence and ability to drive. A major life event could have a physical impact on our ability to drive, or way on our confidence to drive. Age can slowly take away important faculties that keep ourselves and others safe when driving. By identifying these changes, we can begin correcting them. This way we can keep your driving confidence up and extend your driving year.

The Road Map


Driving Scan

Our assessment tools help our team quickly assess your driving ability and possible areas of improvement.

Plan the recovery

Our experienced OTs put together a report and a program to get you back to driving fit

Driving Therapy

We then take on the journey of recovery with you.

Follow up

Return to do a periodic scan to check on improvemnts

What is influencing my driving?

Disabilities influences on driving

  • Brain injury
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Mental disorder
  • Cognitive disability
  • Orthopedic Injuries

Influences on safe driving

  • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Attention/Focus
  • Speed of response time
  • Knowledge of road regulations

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